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Koreans' Just Cause Supported by Polish Organization
Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) -- The Polish Branch of the Korean Friendship Association released a statement on September 5 to celebrate the 65th birthday of the DPRK.

The statement said:

Thanks to the victory in the anti-Japanese armed struggle led by President Kim Il Sung, the Korean people were liberated from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists and became masters of their own destinies. The DPRK was founded on September 9, 1948 by the unanimous will of the Koreans.

Kim Il Sung, from the initial stage of nation-building, oriented his work to carving out a new road suited to the specific condition of the country, building of socialism guided by the Juche idea.

By applying the principle of independence in politics, self-support in the economy and self-reliance in national defence, the DPRK turned into a political and military power strong in the sense of independence, while foiling all the moves of the U.S. imperialists to stifle it.

Now Marshal Kim Jong Un set it as the principal task of the Workers' Party of Korea to build an economic power and improve the people's living standard and is wisely leading it.

The DPRK has set many goals for the improvement of people's material and cultural life including the construction of the Masik Pass Ski Resort and is successfully carrying them out.

The statement warmly congratulated the Korean people greeting the 65th anniversary of the DPRK, extending full support and solidarity to their just cause.

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