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S. Korean Ruling Forces' Racket of "Forces Following North" Slammed
Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) -- The south Korean internet newspaper Voice of People released an article titled "Suppression should be countered with action" on August 30.

The article said the racket of "forces following the north" kicked up in south Korea is the only way-out for the Intelligence Service in prolonging its remaining days.

Its typical expression is the forced search of houses and offices of those concerned of the Unified Progressive Party on charges of plotting internal disturbances, the article said, adding:

The continued wild act of the conservative ruling forces would mean that the workers' action can be taken as action of overthrowing the social system.

The owner of the mad dog should be asked responsibility for the wild act by his dog.

The only user of the Intelligence Service is the "president'.

Today the Unified Progressive Party has fallen victim to the suppression under the pretext of public security but tomorrow it will be the toiling masses.

People from all walks of life, political parties and public organizations agreed to form the all-people measure committee against suppression under the pretext of public security and disturbances, and wage a joint action.

The people should pool their will and strength to defend democracy in the action against the Intelligence Service on August 31.

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