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Mining Complex, Coal-mining Machine Complex Fulfill Production Plans for August
Chongjin, September 1 (KCNA) -- The Musan Mining Complex and the Ranam Coal-mining Machine Complex have boosted production in hearty response to the historic New Year address and appeal made by Marshal Kim Jong Un, overfulfilling the national economic plan for August.

Workers of Musan have worked hard from the outset of the month, carrying out the production plan for the concentrated iron ore at 101.1% and the plan for the total industrial output value at 100.6%.

The outdoor branch mine created a vast ore place through successive explosions, boosting the production.

Mining district No. 1 and several other districts timely examined and repaired huge excavator and rotary drilling rig and put all equipment at full capacity and thus effecting collective innovation in the ore production.

Workers of the earth removal conveyer work station operated huge cone-shape crusher and earth removal conveyer as required by the technical regulations and standard operation instructions, overfulfilling the daily plan for the earth removal.

Drivers of ore-conveying work station set up regular repair and maintenance system for big trucks and increased the actual number of trucks operating, thereby smoothly ensuring the transportation of minerals.

Workers and technicians in the field of ore dressing pooled their creative wisdom and actively drew on new inventions and rationalization proposals, drastically picking up the output of the concentrated iron ore.

The Ranam Coal-mining Machine Complex meticulously organized production and command and aroused the enthusiasm of workers, carrying out the plan for total industrial output value for August at 110%.

Workers and technicians of the complex took good care of equipment based on technology and kept the production of material definitely ahead of processing.

They have closely dovetailed the links between processes and actively carried on socialist emulation, pushing ahead as scheduled the production of custom-made equipment to be sent to several fields of the national economy.

The complexes are pressing for the drive for increased production to greet the 65th anniversary of the DPRK with great labor achievements in the spirit with which they overfulfilled the monthly production plans.

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