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"Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty", Faked-up Document: News Analyst
Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- It has been 103 years since Japan cooked up "Korea-Japan Annexation Treaty" on August 22, 1910.

The treaty paved a way for completely turning Korea into a colony of Japan.

In 1905 and 1907, Japan faked up the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty" and the "Jongmi Seven-point Treaty" to deprive Korea of its rights to diplomacy and home administration.

The treaty was aimed at stripping Korea of its statehood that remained only in the form, and it was utterly an illegal document that had neither proper form nor legal ground suitable for a treaty.

It is because the treaty was cooked up one-sidedly with no legal partner, after Japan already deprived the Feudal Joson Dynasty (1392-1910) of its diplomatic right.

On the other hand, Japan fabricated the treaty in a forcible way with military threat. Prior to his death on April 26, 1926, King Sunjong told Jo Jong Gu, a royal minister, that "the ratification of the annexation was declared by Japan of its own accord in league with a group of traitors."

The treaty had no legal ground to be effective, for it was not sealed with royal signature.

In a nutshell, the treaty was an outcome of Japan's persistent bid for aggression on Korea.

South Korea's KBS recently exposed that Japan systematically distorted Arirang, a song known to be a symbol of the Korean nation, in a bid to create an atmosphere of the annexation even before the fabrication of the "Ulsa Five-point Treaty".

It was revealed that the words of Arirang, carried in an album published by a Japanese institution in 1905, were replaced with ones urging Koreans to accept the annexation.

This being a hard fact, Japan has not yet repented of its crimes.

Japan should liquidate its past wrongdoings as soon as possible.

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