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Many Construction Projects Progress Apace in DPRK
Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- Lots of structures are springing up in the DPRK to contribute to the building of an economic power and the improvement of the standard of people's living.

The construction of a world-class ski resort is now under way in the area of Masik Pass.

Soldier-builders provided a sure guarantee for finishing the construction before the anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea this year, though it would take more than ten years at an ordinary pace, by giving full play to the spirit of "At a go".

The second-stage Huichon Power Station (Chongchongang Cascade Power Station), the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station, the Orangchon Power Station, the Wonsan Army-People Power Station and many other hydraulic power stations are now under construction in various places with water sources.

A high-pitched drive is going on to reclaim Sepho tableland. A vast area of pasture is now being created and a large-scale stock-breeding base is under construction there.

Greatly inspired by Kim Jong Il's patriotism, shock brigade members are bringing about signal innovations in reclaiming the tableland and creating pasture so as to perform feats and emerge as heroes of the era.

The members of the 618 Construction Shock Brigade are pushing forward the project for building on an expansion basis the Kosan Fruit Farm to bring earlier the day when a vast expanse of orchards of apple trees will extend far and wide at the foot of Chol Pass.

A leading potato production base is appearing in Paekam County and organic compound fertilizer factories in different places. The completion of these projects would mean a great stride forward in implementing the behests of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who were deeply concerned for a solution to the food issue for the people.

Vegetable greenhouses and mushroom production bases are also under construction in various places to contribute to improving the diet of the service personnel and people.

A waterway project is going full steam ahead in South Hwanghae Province and projects for reclaiming tideland on Ryongmae, Honggon and Nunggum islets and in Kumsong and Kwaksan are making brisk headway.

The Munsu Wading Pool, the Mirim Riding Club and other places for cultural and emotional life are under construction in Pyongyang and local areas. A brisk drive is now under way to turn the Unjong science district of the State Academy of Sciences into a latest technology development district. Mushroom institutes, turf institutes and many other scientific research institutes are also appearing.

The project to renovate Pyongyang Indoor Stadium to suite the aesthetic taste of the era is progressing at a final stage amid the hot wind of sports sweeping the country. The sports village in Chongchun Street, Yanggakdo Football Stadium and Nampho Stadium are being facelifted.

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