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Rodong Sinmun Calls for North-South Dialogue, Cooperation
Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- Dialogue and cooperation between the north and south of Korea is an important work to be thoroughly pushed forward to dispel the distrust and misunderstanding, promote the improvement of relations, restore the broken national bonds and achieve unity and reunification.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday in an article says this. It goes on:

Dialogue and cooperation between the north and south are not aimed to meet the interests of only one side. They serve the common interests of both sides and help achieve the uniform development and prosperity of the nation.

The June 15 era of reunification converted the north-south relations of distrust and confrontation into those of "By our nation itself" that promote the reconciliation and unity. This proved that the activation of dialogue and cooperation is a way of developing the north-south relations and opening up a bright vista for the prosperity common to the nation and the national reunification.

They are not different nations that live in confrontation in the north and the south but one and the same nation which suffers from division imposed by foreign forces.

Dialogue and cooperation between them are in complete concord with the requirement of the Korean nation desirous of reconciliation and peace, not of confrontation and war. They constitute the process in which both sides dispel the distrust, build trust and achieve common prosperity.

The north and south should not miss a hard-won opportunity of dialogue and cooperation.

It is necessary for both sides to push forward wide-ranging dialogue and cooperation in all fields, true to the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.

It is the firm stand of the DPRK to fundamentally improve the north-south relations and achieve the independent reunification, peace and prosperity by activating dialogue and cooperation.

When the south Korean authorities positively respond to the patriotic appeal and measure of the DPRK, the north-south relations will turn into those of real trust, reconciliation and cooperation, far from the state of distrust and confrontation.

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