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Japan's Past Crimes Can Never Be Covered Up: News Analyst
Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) -- Evidence proving the crimes committed by Japan in the past is being disclosed without let-up, riveting attention of the international community.

A diary written by a Korean who worked at a "comfort station" of the Imperial Japanese Army in those days was opened to public on August 6, providing new evidence proving the fact that the sexual slavery enforced by the Japanese imperialists was a state-sponsored crime.

According to it, the command of the Japanese troops dispatched to southern regions requested the command of the Japanese troops in Korea to cooperate in recruiting "comfort women" in May 1942. Many women were taken to battle fields for aggression via Pusan Port and forced into sexual slavery.

There is a reference in the diary that "comfort stations" of the Imperial Japanese Army were operated under the strict control of the army.

According to KBS of south Korea some days ago, it was confirmed that MacArthur, commander-in-chief of the allied forces in the Pacific, in 1945 worked out a "confidential document" which recorded facts about coercive mobilization of sexual slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army.

The document titled "Comfort facilities for the Imperial Japanese Army" worked out by the General Command of the Allied Forces on behalf of MacArthur on November 15, 1945 said that the command of the Imperial Japanese Army let Japanese dealers in Korea take Korean women to Myanmar and other countries.

New data on the massacres of Koreans during the great Kanto quake have been disclosed.

This is evidenced by the account of an interview internet newspaper Thongil News had with Kim Jong Su, permanent representative of the south Korean Solidarity of Citizens for Korean Victims of the 1923 Great Quake in Japan, on July 22.

He recalled that he made surveys of the places in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Yokohama from July 2 to 6 where Koreans were massacred after the great quake occurred in Kanto area in 1923.

It has been confirmed once again that the Japanese government committed massacres of Koreans by hurling troops, police and "ultra-right organizations" in these areas in those days, he said, adding:

The field survey led to the discovery of photos showing arms, legs and heads of Koreans cut off, which were new findings.

New data were also disclosed at a special lecture given in Tokyo on August 3, 90 years after the mass killings of Koreans by the Japanese imperialists during the great Kanto quake.

Prof. Masataka Tanaka of Senshu University in the lecture noted that the mass killing of Koreans in Tokyo was spilled over to Chiba, Saitama, Tochigi, Gunma and other areas.

The rumor which sparked off this mass killing of Koreans, in particular, was spread by radios of the police, prefectural offices and navy of Japan, he added.

KBS of south Korea disclosed on August 14 new data on the fact that the Japanese imperialists distorted song "Arirang" widely known as a symbol of the Korean nation.

The broadcasting service said Japan systematically distorted the words and music of Arirang in a bid to use it as a means for creating an atmosphere for annexation even before the fabrication of the "Ulsa Five-Point Treaty".

The words of Arirang contained by a photo album released by a Japanese institution in 1905 said that Koreans should agree on annexation as even such a big country as Russia was defeated in the war.

A book written by Japanese Kenjo Okita earlier also seriously distorted the song.

This was aimed to implant inferiority and the sense of defeat into the minds of the Koreans and benumb their resistance against the Japanese imperialists, KBS added.

Historical facts clearly prove how desperately Japan worked to exterminate the Korean nation.

Prevalent in Japan, however, are Samurai-style outlook on history that "there is no need to feel guilty of the past and the truth of history can be known 100 years later" and even sheer sophism that Japan's colonial and military fascist rule over Korea was "legitimate."

History will surely indict Japan as long as it goes without redressing its past crimes.

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