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Document Proving Coercion Involved in Sexual Slavery for Japanese Army Opened to Public
Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- A professor of SAIS of Johns Hopkins University of the U.S. opened to public through Yonhap News of south Korea on August 13 a U.S. document which proves the coercion involved in the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.

The document titled "Comfort facilities for the Imperial Japanese Army" worked out by the General Command of the Allied Forces on behalf of MacArthur, commander of the U.S. forces in the Far East, in 1945 recorded detailed facts about coercive mobilization and enforcement of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.

It said that "comfort stations set up under strict discipline were approved by the army authorities in all areas where the presence of Japanese soldiers was beyond a certain scope."

It quoted testimonies made by POWs, etc. which say there is a story that Japanese businessmen in south Korea allured more than 20 south Korean women to an area where Japanese soldiers were stationed from Pusan at the instance of the command of the Imperial Japanese Army.

There was a reference in the document that the Japanese MP existed near "comfort stations."

Opening the document to public, the professor noted the fact that "the Japanese military authorities were entrusted with the task to transport comfort women is strong evidence proving the guilt of Japan as it suggests that they were directly involved in flesh traffic".

This gives the lie to the assertions of a Japanese right-wing organization that the sexual slavery was a private job in which the Imperial Japanese army was not involved officially and the claim of Japanese conservative media denying the coercion involved in the sexual slavery for the army, he stressed.

He noted that this document played a big role in passing a resolution demanding the Japanese government's apology for the issue of sexual slavery through U.S. Congress in 2006 as it was presented as evidence in pushing forward it.

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