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S. Korean Regime, Police Slammed for Their Shameless Acts
Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- The south Korean newspaper Hangyore in an editorial on August 16 denounced the puppet government and police for their shameless acts.

The editorial recalled that the police fired water cannon mixed with tear liquid at demonstrators protesting against the Intelligence Service's interference in the election in Seoul on August 15 and walked away most of them.

Such violence which was committed against people demanding democracy on the day of national liberation glaringly shows the situation of south Korea today, it noted.

It termed the police's suppression an excessive crackdown and an act of abusing power.

Nevertheless, the police, dancing to the tune of the "government" vociferating about "establishment of law and order", cried out for positively coping with the trend to meet interests through collective illegal violence, it charged.

The "government" and police are not entitled to talk about law and order, it held.

The editorial continued: It was the police which met its interests through illegal actions. Yet, the "government" is preaching about the "establishment of law and order." It is shameless, indeed.

Very deplorable is the attitude of the "government" which tries to crack down on the people, turning its back away from the correct settlement of the IS case, the editorial added.

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