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More Evidence Proves Sexual Slavery Enforced by Japan
Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) -- Disclosed recently was more evidence proving that the Imperial Japanese Army was directly involved in the sexual slavery enforced in the past.

A diary of the man involved in managing "comfort stations" operated by the Imperial Japanese Army said that the command of the forces dispatched to southern regions requested the command of the forces stationed in Korea for cooperation in drafting "comfort women" in May, 1942. At this request, the command let owners of "comfort stations" take away women as "comfort women" by using all sorts of honeyed words and a petty amount of money, it noted, adding that there were several organizations formed in such manner to operate "comfort stations".

According to the diary, such "comfort stations" were operated under the strict control of the army and there were 27 stations in Myanmar and ten in Singapore and they were often transferred by order of the military.

Minju Joson Tuesday observes in a commentary in this regard:

As proved by the above-said historical facts, the Japanese imperialists perpetrated unheard-of hideous crimes against humanity by enforcing the sexual slavery for the army as a policy and directly supervising all jobs ranging from selection of women to their transport and operation of their stations.

This being hard facts, the Japanese reactionaries claim that the sexual slavery was "the work done by individual owners of brothels" and, accordingly, the state has no responsibility to pay reparation for it.

They are persistently denying these stark historical facts in a bid to evade the responsibility for making apology and reparation but their more important aim is to embellish their crime-woven history and pave the way for renewed militarist overseas aggression.

The harder they work to embellish their past crimes and tamper with history, the bitterer hatred for Japan they will spark off among the Asian people, warns the commentary.

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