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Study Tour of Oun Revolutionary Site Made
Pyongyang, August 16 (KCNA) -- Young people in Pyongyang made the study tour of the Oun Revolutionary Site Friday to mark the Youth Day.

The site is a meaningful place where leader Kim Jong Il took part in the military camping exercise from August 20 to October 4, Juche 51 (1962).

They offered a floral basket to the statue of the Generalissimo Kim Il Sung on Ryongnam Hill and paid tribute to them.

At the end of the ceremony for declaring the start of the tour they left for Oun-dong.

They marched along the road, singing in chorus "Footsteps", "Song of Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League" and "We Will Defend General Kim Jong Un at the Cost of Our Lives" and other songs that were blared from the loudspeaker van.

At the destination they looked round data and buildings that are preserved as relics before holding a rally to make a pledge before the Monument to Revolutionary Activities of Kim Jong Il.

Led by the call of Chairman of the Pyongyang City Committee of the Youth League Ri Kun Chol, all the participants hardened their pledge to advance straight along the road to the victory of the Songun revolution under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un and make contribution to building a prospering country of Juche on this land.

They also held an oratorical meeting and enjoyed an art performance given by students of Kim Il Sung University.

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