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Japan's Denial of Sexual Slavery System under Fire
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- A statue of a girl symbolic of the "comfort woman" for the Imperial Japanese Army was erected in Los Angeles, California State in the U.S. recently. The world has accepted the news as a matter of course.

But it is only Japan which raised a hue and cry over it. The Japanese Consulate General in Los Angeles expressed "regret" in a statement and the chief Cabinet secretary opened a press conference at which he asserted that the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army should not be taken as a political and diplomatic issue and it is unacceptable. Information official of the Japanese Foreign Ministry Sato expressed "displeasure", arguing that there is no reason for Japan to be subject to criticism as it has made efforts for a solution to the "comfort women" issue through the Asian Peace Fund for Women.

A commentary of Rodong Sinmun Tuesday ridicules Japan, querying if the Japanese reactionaries are really unaware of the nature of the crime of the sexual slavery committed by the Japanese imperialists.

Japan is intentionally trying to hush up the issue but such a trick will never work, the commentary stresses, adding:

The Japanese reactionaries' denial of the crime of the sexual slavery which has been gaining international focus reveals their impudence.

Crimes concealed will entail a big toll.

Japan's mean act in disregard of its responsibility for the crime will invite bigger international criticism and censure. It should face up to the situation, sincerely admit the past crimes and opt for settling them.

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