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Minju Joson Slams Japanese Vice PM's Remarks on Militarist Idea
Pyongyang, August 13 (KCNA) -- Shortly ago, Taro Aso, vice prime minister and concurrently minister of Finance of Japan, referring to the issue of revising the Constitution, claimed that Japan may revise it just as Nazi Germany revised the Weimar Constitution in secrecy and that visit to Yasukuni Shrine can be done quietly.

Aso's remarks are not a gaffe made by a frivolous mandarin but an intentional and poisonous outburst let loose by a guy steeped in the militarist idea to the marrow of his bones, says Minju Joson in a commentary Tuesday.

It goes on:

What Aso uttered this time is nothing but a revelation of the scenario to revise the Constitution by the way Nazi Germany did and pave the way for visiting Yasukuni Shrine. Finally it is aimed at launching militarist overseas aggression as early as possible on the basis of a war constitution.

Japan is losing its face in the international arena owing to Aso's remarks. It is censured in different parts of the world including the U.S.

It is a tragedy of Japan that important posts in its political circles are held by those who are going reckless, seized with militarist hysteria.

Japan will never be able to escape worldwide accusation and derision as long as such ghosts as Aso are allowed to strut about in Japan's political arena.

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