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Japanese Imperialists' Massacres of Koreans Condemned in S. Korea
Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Su, permanent representative of the south Korean Solidarity of Citizens for Korean Victims in 1923 Great Quake in Japan, held a press conference with internet newspaper Thongil News in Seoul on July 22 condemning the Japanese imperialists for their mass killing of Koreans.

He recalled he made surveys of the places in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama and Yokohama from July 2 to 6 where Koreans were massacred at the time when the great quake occurred in Kanto area on September 1, 1923.

It has been confirmed once again that the Japanese government committed massacres of Koreans by hurling troops, police and "ultra-right organizations" in these areas in those days, he said. Saitama did not suffer from quake in particular but the "martial law" was declared there and "ultra-right organizations" killed many Koreans, he noted, and went on:

In order to legitimatize its mass killings, Japan issued an order to spread wild rumors that Koreans set fire to buildings and spread poison in springs. Mass killings were committed according to this order.

The field survey led to the discovery of photos showing arms, legs and heads of Koreans cut off, which were new findings.

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations recommended the then Japanese prime minister in 2003 as follows: The state is the chief culprit of this massacre. It has been fully revealed through the existing data that the army killed Koreans. Accordingly, take steps to ensure that Japan makes apology and bear due responsibility, and take measures against the recurrence of discriminating actions.

The Japanese ruling quarters, however, have not shown any response.

Koreans in Japan are now exposed to serious discrimination and threat. The issue of massacres of Koreans during the great quake in Kanto should be properly settled in order to find a historical and fundamental solution to the issue of this discrimination.

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