August 14. 2013 Juche 102
Kim Jong Un Watches Soccer Match with Pyongyangites
7th Round of North-South Working-level Talks Held
Japan Urged to Honestly Redress Its Past Crimes
Credentials from German Ambassador
Message from President of Cote d'Ivoire
Floral Basket to Kim Jong Un from Palestinian President
Floral Baskets Laid before Statues of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il
Reception Hosted by Russian Charge d'Affaires A.I.
Mosaics Erected in South Hamgyong Province
Lots of People Visit Revolutionary Battle Sites, Historical Sites
Members of Pyongyang Mission of AINDF Tour Arch of Triumph
Doctorate of Linguistics Awarded to Korean in China
Youngsters Create Lots of Literary Pieces
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Ending National Division
South Korean Opposition Party Launches Emergency Action
Resignation of S. Korean Chief Executive Demanded in S. Korea
Kim Il Sung's Exploits Praised by Korean in China
Foreign Papers Praise Koreans
Kim Il Sung Lauded Abroad
Kim Il Sung Praised Abroad

For Spanish-speaking People
Kim Jong Un recorre campo de construccion de viviendas para cientificos de universidad
Publicada declaracion con motivo del 68o aniversario de derrota de Japon en segunda guerra mundial
Kim Yong Nam recibe cartas credenciales de nuevo embajador aleman
Levantados murales de mosaicos con imagenes de Kim Il Sung y Kim Jong Il

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