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Friendship Joint Gathering of War Veterans of DPRK, China Held
Pyongyang, July 30 (KCNA) -- A friendship joint gathering of war veterans of the DPRK and China took place at the People's Theatre on Monday to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

Present there were Kim Yong Nam, Choe Yong Rim, Kim Yong Il and others, war veterans taking part in the celebrations, service personnel of the Korean People's Army, youth and students in Pyongyang and members of the delegation of overseas Korean war veterans led by Kim Kang Hui, head of the lecturers group of veterans of the Chinese People's Volunteers(CPV), the delegation of war veterans of the CPV headed by Yu Zhenwu, former commander of the Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the delegation of war veterans and families of martyrs of the CPV headed by Yang Guoying, vice department director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, the literary and art delegation of the Chinese People's Liberation Army headed by Li Xiubao, deputy head of the Publicity Department of the General Political Department of the CPLA, Liu Hongcai, Chinese ambassador to the DPRK, and staff members of his embassy, Chinese guests staying in the DPRK and Chinese students.

Choe Yong Rim, honorary vice-president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, said the July 27 victory was a victory won thanks to Generalissimo Kim Il Sung's original military idea, war methods, faith and will, grit and pluck, enthusiasm and benevolence, and a joint victory won by the Korean and Chinese peoples shoulder to shoulder in the same trench.

The land of China is stained with red blood shed by Korean youth who brought about a victory together with the Chinese people, true to Kim Il Sung's intention during the anti-Japanese war and the war for liberating the Northeast area of China, he said, adding recorded in this land are feats of the martyrs of the CPV who participated in the Korean front, true to the appeal of Chairman Mao Zedong.

Liu Hongcai said the CPV fought shoulder to shoulder with the army of the DPRK, holding the banner of resisting America and aiding Korea, safeguarding the home and defending the motherland and contributed to achieving the great historic victory through the rigorous struggle and defending peace and stability in Asia and the rest of the world.

The friendship between the two countries sealed in blood is a common treasure, he said, stressed the need to inherit the traditional Sino-DPRK friendship down through generation, true to the intention of the martyrs.

Amid the playing of male chorus "July 27 March" war veterans of the DPRK and the CPV recollected with deep emotion the day when they fought in the same trench, sharing warm feelings.

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