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Kim Il Sung Lauded by Foreign Organizations
Pyongyang, July 19 (KCNA) -- Organizations of different countries posted on their websites special write-ups between July 5 and 8 on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

The Brazilian Center for the Study of the Juche Idea posted an article titled "Kim Il Sung, holding high banner of independence" illustrated with a portrait of the smiling President and his photos.

The article praised him for performing undying feats for the era and history, holding high the banner of independence.

When the socialist system collapsed in different countries, only the DPRK remained unshaken, the article said, and went on:

He worked heart and soul to achieve the cause of global independence.

He gave overall answers to the principled issues arising in realizing the human cause of independence. He also sincerely helped the peoples of other countries in their struggle for independence against imperialism.

He positively supported the Chinese revolution and defended the Soviet Union with arms during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle to liberate Korea. Afterwards, he gave disinterested assistance to different countries and nations in their struggle against imperialism.

His disinterested support and encouragement are fully recorded in the historic victories of the struggle of the peoples of many countries for independence against imperialism.

The banner of independence held high by him is serving as an engine instilling great strength and courage not only into the Korean people but also into the world progressives.

The Anti-Imperialist Front of France and the Romanian Workers' Association posted articles on his personality as a great man and the feats he performed for national reunification.

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