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Kim Il Sung Remembered in Russia, Vietnam, Uganda, Democratic Congo
Pyongyang, July 19 (KCNA) -- Seminars, remembrance meetings and lectures were held in Russia, Vietnam, Uganda and Democratic Congo on July 8 and 9 on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

Displayed at the venues of the events were works of the President and books and photos introducing Songun Korea.

The chairman of the Maritime Territorial Branch of the All-Russia War Veterans' Public Organization "Militant Friendship" of Russia praised Kim Il Sung as the great father who devoted his all to the sacred cause for the freedom and independence of Korea and the happiness of the people.

The war veterans of Russia are convinced that the Korean people will successfully realize the desire of Kim Il Sung under the leadership of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, he noted.

The chairman of the Vietnam-DPRK Friendship Association said the Vietnamese people would always remember the great feats Kim Il Sung performed for the Korean revolution and the development of the bilateral friendly relations.

The chairman of the Ugandan National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea noted Kim Il Sung is being deeply revered by progressive mankind as the eternal sun of Juche. He went on:

Kim Il Sung provided the great guiding idea of the cause of independence by founding the Juche idea.

The founding of the Juche idea ushered in a new era of history, the era of independence in which the popular masses are independently and creatively hewing out the road of revolution as the masters of the world and their own destiny.

Kim Il Sung, who ushered in the era of independence and devoted his all to the victorious advance of the human cause of independence, is always alive in the hearts of the world people.

The chairman of the Group for the Study of Kim Jong Il Juche Idea of Democratic Congo praised Kim Il Sung for materially and morally supporting and encouraging the peoples of developing countries including Africa in their struggle for independence, liberation and the building of new society.

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