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Korean People's Struggle Supported by Ukrainian Organization
Pyongyang, July 12 (KCNA) -- The Crimean Association for the Study of the Juche Idea in Ukraine issued a statement on June 27 on the occasion of the June 25-July 27 month of anti-U.S. joint struggle.

The statement extended full support and solidarity to the service personnel and people of the DPRK who have turned out in the struggle to foil all the moves of the imperialists and build a thriving socialist nation, holding aloft the banner of the Juche idea and under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un who has successfully carried forward the revolutionary idea of the preceding leaders.

The statement said:

The Korean war was ignited by the U.S. on June 25, 1950 to dominate the world under its direct command and this clearly proves that the U.S. has pursued a policy of aggression.

The Korean people could win a victory in the Fatherland Liberation War thanks to the wise leadership and unique war methods of President Kim Il Sung, who aroused all the service personnel and people to all-people resistance against the aggressors.

The politics being pursued by Kim Jong Un to realize the plan of the President and leader Kim Jong Il for building a thriving nation provides a sure guarantee for successfully foiling any hostile acts of the U.S. and its satellite forces.

We are convinced that the Korean people will invariably hold high the banner of the Juche idea in building an independent power, foiling any provocation by the enemies, and register bigger successes in their efforts to ensure peace on the Korean Peninsula and consolidate their socialist system.

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