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Kim Jong Un's Appeal Encourages DPRK People
Pyongyang, June 24 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, on June 4 sent an appeal to the army and people, calling upon them to usher in a fresh heyday on all fronts of socialist construction in the spirit of the "Speed on Masik Pass".

Since then, great innovations have been reported one after another from across the country.

Service personnel, mobilized in building the ski ground in the area of Masik Pass, have made a great upsurge in the project, determined to finish it on all accounts by the end of this year.

Soldier-builders, involved in the reconstruction of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, are pressing ahead with the project at a final stage.

Eye-catching achievements have been also made by solider-builders in the projects for reclamation of the Sepho tableland and construction of Munsu Wading Pool, Mirim Riding Club and Cemetery of Fallen Fighters of the Korean People's Army.

The second-stage project for the Huichon Power Station is progressing apace.

Choe Yong Su, an official of the Pyongyang City Shock Brigade, told KCNA that his brigade would carry out its assignments as scheduled in the spirit of the "Speed on Masik Pass".

The "Speed on Masik Pass" led to fresh innovations in the projects for expanding the Kosan Fruit Farm, building the gravity-fed waterway in South Hwanghae Province and face-lifting Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and sports village in Chongchun Street and on all other fields of the national economy.

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