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KCNA Accuses S. Korea of Making Inter-Korean Talks Abortive
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- The talks between authorities of the north and the south proved abortive due to the sinister intention of the south Korean authorities to use them for their ulterior purpose from the beginning.

All Koreans warmly welcomed and supported the publication of the special statement of the spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea as a bold decision to defuse the worst confrontation between the north and the south.

They ardently wished to see the north-south ties improved and a new phase opened for reunification, nostalgic for the June 15 era when a warm atmosphere of national reunification prevailed.

But, the south Korean puppet authorities did not wish to hold dialogue from the start but were displeased with the improvement of the inter-Korean ties by concerted efforts of Koreans.

No sooner had the special statement was issued than the south side let loose rhetoric that "north's intention was not clear," terming it "the north's attempt to escape isolation caused by a campaign to boost cooperation in putting pressure upon it " in the light of the time it was announced.

As regards the agenda of the talks, the south side tried hard not to include in it the issue of jointly marking the June 15 and July 4 anniversaries and the issue of promoting non-governmental visits, contacts and cooperation projects. When discussing the issues of normalizing the operations in the Kaesong Industrial Zone (KIZ) and resuming the tour of Mt. Kumgang resort, the south side tried to delete the expression "normalization" and "resumption" in a bid to make wordings ambiguous.

The south side claimed "the north proposed issues of KIZ, tour of Mt. Kumgang resort, reunion of separated families, joint events for marking June 15 at once like rice with assorted mixtures."

It went on: "If the south rejects these proposals the international community will hold it accountable for them. And if it responds to them without correct calculation, it will spark domestic outcry. The south should, therefore, be careful about the north's intention lurking behind the proposed dialogue." All this was a spate of invectives let loose by the south side.

In short, this was the stand and attitude of the south side towards the talks and an ulterior aim sought by it.

It is as clear as noonday that such political charlatans cannot accomplish anything, to say nothing of the great cause of the nation, as they had been compelled to come to the negotiating table for fear of domestic and foreign criticism out of their ulterior motive.

Although the south side's stand and attitude were ambiguous from the very outset, the north side made every sincere effort to make the talks for the great cause of the nation successful.

When the north side was bold enough to manifest generosity as regards the talks, the south side insisted on its far-fetched assertion at the working contact. After officially agreeing on inter-Korean authorities' talks, it made such reckless remarks behind the scene as "Don't pin any hope" and "Don't be too hasty."

The south side made such remarks as the head of the north side's delegation is "an official hardly recognizable", it was "abnormal practice" and that it was beyond the common sense and international standard."

All these facts go to prove that the south side had neither will for dialogue from the beginning nor an intention to settle any issues after being compelled to appear at the talks; its preoccupation was to torpedo the talks at any cost after throwing hurdles in the way of talks under unreasonable pretexts.

The south side thus prevented the talks arranged with so much effort from taking place, quelling the ardent desire of the nation to jointly mark the June 15 anniversary as an event for national reunification.

The south side clearly revealed before all Koreans and international community that it has not an iota of sincerity to improve the north-south relations.

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