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West Sea Barrage Introduced by Nepali Newspaper
Pyongyang, June 14 (KCNA) -- The June 7th issue of the Nepali newspaper Arpan carried an article titled "The West Sea Barrage" with a photo of President Kim Il Sung standing together with leader Kim Jong Il.

The newspaper noted that the West Sea Barrage built in a wild sea is associated with the exploits of Kim Jong Il, who realized the world-level grand nature-remaking plan of the President. The article went on:

The President fixed the location of the barrage, getting the first-hand look of it with technicians aboard a ship on May 22, 1981.

Kim Jong Il entrusted the People's Army with the task of building the barrage, thinking that the barrage construction is possible as there are firm foundation of the self-supporting national economy and the service personnel of the People's Army boundlessly loyal to the party.

Noting that the inaugural ceremony of the barrage was successfully held on June 24, 1986, the newspaper stressed that the completion of the barrage resulted in the irrigation of the vast arable land on the west coast and hundreds of thousands of hectares of tideland to be reclaimed in the future by water of the artificial sea and the successful solution of the matter of industrial water in the basin of the Taedong River.

It introduced in detail the fact that the traffic transport of the country and the people's living could further develop and improve and the country take on more beautiful look through the creation of a long canal and a big beltway.

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