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Application of Tuition-free Program for Senior High Schools Demanded in Japan
Pyongyang, June 7 (KCNA) -- A meeting took place in Japan on May 31 to denounce the Japanese government for its unreasonable step of excluding Korean schools from the tuition-free program for senior high schools and demanding its immediate application.

Present there were a delegate of a mothers delegation of Korean schools which exposed the Japanese government's unreasonable policy of discrimination against Korean schools at the UN, Koreans and Japanese citizens including lawmakers, more than 170 in all.

Its attendants heard reports on activities of the mothers delegation of Korean schools.

Then followed speeches of Japanese personages.

The speakers expressed concern over the serious discriminating actions such as the suspension of payment of subsidies to Korean schools under an unreasonable pretext.

It is of weighty significance that the UN recommendation termed the Japanese government's discrimination an illegal act, they noted.

The discrimination against Korean schools has a bad impact on Japanese children, too, they said, underscoring the need to make every possible effort to eliminate the discrimination structure and have the tuition-free program applied immediately.

They stressed the need to provide correct information for building public opinion and hold a forum for resuming the payment of subsidies and thus contribute to deepening the understanding of Korean schools among Japanese citizens.

They called for reenergizing the movement to make a peaceful society by intensifying solidarity.

The floor was also taken by Koreans of different social standings.

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