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Kim Jong Un Visits Songdowon International Children's Camp
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- Marshal Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People's Army, provided field guidance to the Songdowon International Children's Camp.

He looked round the statue of President Kim Il Sung standing in the compound of the camp.

He called the camp a historic place. Recollecting that Kim Il Sung personally chose the site of the camp in 1959, the postwar period, and made sure that it was built, he added that in the subsequent period leader Kim Jong Il saw to it that it was reconstructed as the Songdowon International Children's Camp and visited it in March, 1993 when the country was in a grave situation.

He said it is the firm determination of the WPK to successfully remodel the camp closely associated with the leadership exploits of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as required by the new century.

He proposed erecting statues of the Generalissimos among children while undertaking the project in order to convey their noble love for future and posterity down through generations.

He specified instructions for remodeling the camp, going round the camp building, the International Friendship Children's Hall and other places of the camp visited by Kim Jong Il on March 30, 1993.

He looked round some bedrooms including Room 221 visited by Kim Jong Il and told officials to provide them with better furniture and TV sets.

He underscored the need to decorate walls of rooms with wallpapers beautiful in color and pattern to suit children's minds and take thorough measures for heating and electricity so that they may not feel any inconvenience in their camping.

Looking round the lobby of the camp building, he said that it is 20 years old but it still looks impeccable in architectural beauty as Kim Jong Il led the designing and construction of the camp with loving care.

Going round the International Friendship Children's Hall, he stressed the need to set up a guide board written in foreign languages so that it may be convenient to children from various countries of the world.

At the room for disseminating knowledge about seas, he gave an instruction to provide it with varieties of specimen so that campers may acquire not only knowledge about seas but that about animals and plants.

He said that the camp should be operated in winter, too, in the future so that children may enjoy skiing at the Masik Pass Skiing Ground now under construction.

Calling at the wading pool and boating site, he said he would send modern wading equipment and told officials to spruce them up as well as they please.

Going round the playground, he called for building a running track and covering the football field with artificial turf and providing new facilities for sports events such as volleyball and basketball.

He proposed displaying slogans "We Are the Happiest in the World!" and "General Goes to Front While Children Go to Camp!" which convey the loving care of the Generalissimos for posterity.

Visiting the beach, he underscored the need to build dressing rooms and diving towers, provide modern shower equipment and take necessary measures for preventing sand from piling up there.

He took measures for building a new ground for education at the camp and paving its sidewalks again, adding that he would send vehicles needed for its management and operation.

He was accompanied by Choe Hwi, first vice department director of the WPK Central Committee, and Pak Thae Song and Ma Won Chun, vice department directors of the WPK Central Committee.

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