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Chongwadae's Spokesman's Sex Scandal Slammed
Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) -- Yun Chang Jung, spokesman for Chongwadae of south Korea, committed a sex scandal against a woman on May 7 while accompanying the chief executive's visit to the U.S., to be disgraced by world public.

That day, Yun wined till late at night with a woman at a hotel near the White House, not at a hotel where he put up.

Upset by this scandal, the puppet group sent him back to south Korea next day. It kicked up much fuss replacing the spokesman and making an apology to the people and the "president" on behalf of the senior secretary for publicity of Chongwadae.

The ruling party busied itself crying out for "thorough investigation" and "legal responsibility."

The opposition Democratic Party of south Korea said this conduct had been expected as Yun was appointed to the post though he had no qualifications.

As regards the case, the chief executive should not be in the position to receive an apology for it but clarify the stance on it, the Democratic Party added.

Organizations of different social standings urged the authorities to own responsibility for the appointment of confidants to important posts despite people's opposition, noting that Yun became a typical man characterized by the absence of understanding between the people and the authorities.

Meanwhile, different countries including the U.S. are giving wide publicity to the case, pointing an accusing finger at the puppet group and becoming vocal censuring and deriding the scandal.

The south Korean media deplored that the case is stirring up great sensation because the high-ranking official committed such scandal during the "president's" trip to the U.S.

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