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"Security Law" under Fire in S. Korea
Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) -- South Koreans of different social standings dismissed "the Security Law" (SL) as draconian at fascist court.

A hearing of appeal of Choe Tong Jin, chief of the editorial board of Minjokui Jillo, organ of the South Headquarters of Pomminryon (the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification), took place at the Seoul High Court on May 7.

The fascist authorities arrested and detained Choe on charges of "insulting the court" and "praising and encouraging the north" for the mere reason that he strongly protested against the action taken by the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors to sentence members of the leadership of the South Headquarters of Pomminryon to heavy penalties last year.

In the court Yun Ki Ha, legal advisor to the Association of Victims of "the Security Law"; Kim Kyu Chol, advisor to the South Headquarters of Pomminryon; Kwon Rak Gi, co-representative of the Reunification Meeting; the counsel of Choe Tong Jin and others declared that the positive activities conducted by Choe for the independent reunification of the south and the north of Korea can never be a crime.

Those who had been detained and killed on charges of violation of the SL in the past have been given verdict of "not guilty" recently, they said, adding: This tells the injustice of the SL.

The SL made in the era of oppression and tyranny has no justification to remain in force in the present era calling for putting an end to the division and greeting national reunification.

If the authorities regard the compatriots in the north as "enemy" and persist in their hostile policy towards it, the Korean nation divided by outside forces can never achieve reunification.

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