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"Saenuri Party's" Fascist Action Slammed
Pyongyang, May 11 (KCNA) -- The south Korean "Saenuri Party" has recently faked up a "bill on dissolving the criminal organizations." They include the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification, the Solidarity for Implementing the South-North Joint Declaration and other organizations for the reunification movement active for national concord and reunification and independence and democratization of south Korean society while supporting the June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration.

In case the bill is railroaded through the "National Assembly", the puppet regime will have a legal weapon for forcibly dissolving the organizations for the reunification movement which it regards as a thorn in its flesh.

Rodong Sinmun Saturday says in a bylined commentary in this regard:

The reckless action taken by the "Saenuri Party" brings to light the present puppet ruling forces' vicious ambition to escalate the confrontation and true colors as die-hard fascists.

The demand and activities of those organizations in south Korea are very righteous and just and have neither reason nor ground to be incriminated as they reflect the ardent desire of the fellow countrymen for reunification.

Nevertheless, the ruling forces are working hard to cook up an unprecedented fascist law in a bid to disband those organizations, not content with persistently persecuting and suppressing them after branding them as "forces following the north."

The confrontation-minded party opposed to reunification such as the "Saenuri Party" and ultra-right conservative organizations are the criminal groups which should be accused and disorganized in south Korea.

The conservative group would be well advised to stop going reckless, clearly mindful that its persistent moves to escalate the confrontation with the DPRK and stamp out the reunification movement, going against the desire and wishes of the people for independence, peace and reunification, would only throw it into a bottomless pitfall of ruin.

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