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S. Korean Authorities' Bid to Evade Responsibility for KIZ Crisis Denounced
Pyongyang, May 7 (KCNA) -- These days the south Korean puppet authorities are loudly calling for solving the crisis of the Kaesong Industrial Zone (KIZ). Officials of the Ministry of Unification of south Korea said that "the north's withdrawal of unjust measure is a correct option for normalization of KIZ", talking about the "responsibility for crisis of KIZ" and the "cause of KIZ crisis".

Their remarks remind one of a quack, Minju Joson Tuesday says in a commentary, adding:

In order to solve the problem of KIZ, it is necessary to make a right diagnosis and correct prescription for the present crisis.

The south Korean authorities are kicking up a crafty campaign to shift the responsibility of the present extreme crisis of KIZ onto the DPRK.

They, under the pretext of "shortage of food" and "supply of medicines", claimed that the DPRK deteriorated the situation of KIZ. But it is illogic.

If they persistently stand against the DPRK, misleading public opinion with such rhetoric, the work of KIZ will totally collapse.

The south Korean authorities should clearly know that their deteriorating the crisis of KIZ with such quack-style diagnosis and prescription will only reveal their true colors of confrontation maniacs.

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