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Leek Widely Used for Dishes in Korea
Pyongyang, March 28 (KCNA) -- The Koreans have used for spring dishes various species of herbs good for health, including leek.

Leek, a perennial plant, is regarded as a vegetable unique in taste and odor and it is cultivated between early spring and autumn.

It contains 2.3% of protein, 0.51% of fat, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and much antibiotic.

Leek can be taken in various forms of dishes and used as a bun stuffing.

Its seed is good for diuretic, leaves and stalks for stanching and bulb for diarrhea. Also leek is efficacious for curing gastroenteritis, bronchitis and nervous prostration.

Korea has a long history of its cultivation

According to books published in the period of the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392), kimchi made of leek had been considered one of the national memorial service's food. The plant has been cultivated in various localities with different names.

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