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Kim Jong Il's Guidance for Development of DPRK's Circus
Pyongyang, March 12 (KCNA) -- The "Trapeze Flight on Horizontal Bar" and "Rope Etude", performed by acrobats of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, won silver and special prizes at the 37th Monte Carlo International Acrobatic Festival in January.

All of those performers are graduates of the Pyongyang Acrobatic School.

The credit for their signal successes goes to the meticulous care of leader Kim Jong Il.

On March 12, Juche 65 (1976), Kim Jong Il visited the Pyongyang Circus to guide a acrobatic performance of the school's first-term graduates.

Giving a high appreciation of their performance, he underscored the need to pay big efforts to training reserves in a far-sighted manner. And he posed for a picture with them, at their request.

The photo, taken on the day, has become one of reminders in the history of the school.

Under his deep care, the graduates developed to be talented acrobats and the DPRK's circus rose to fame worldwide through many feats such as "Aerial Flight on Trapeze", "Flying Girls" and "Seesaw".

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