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Kim Jong Il's Loving Care for Women
Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- On International Women's Day, the Korean women are sorely missing leader Kim Jong Il, who had shown loving care for them in his lifetime.

Jong Yon Ok, management board chairwoman of the Yonan County Township Co-op Farm in South Hwanghae Province, told that Kim Jong Il was the benevolent father of all the people including the women.

Leader Kim Jong Il indicated the road for the women movement to follow in each period and stage of the revolution and wisely guided them to play a pivotal role in developing the country.

Whenever he met women during his field guidance, he highly appreciated their devoted service for the country and society and showed all sorts of solicitude for them.

In Juche 100 (2011) alone, the last year of his life, he personally met with a large number of women. Among them are cooks in Taehung Youth Hero Mine, called "Pyongyang girls", a biologist and a management board chairwoman, a weaver, a member of art groups of servicemen's families and an artiste.

The song "My Wife" and "Pomhyanggi"-trademarked cosmetics are representations of his loving care for the women.

With such warm love and deep trust, he trained the women to be true revolutionaries and heroes of the times.

That is why the Korean women have devoted all their wisdom and energies to building a prosperous and powerful socialist nation, true to his noble intention.

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