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Kim Jong Il Praised by Russian, Polish Organizations
Pyongyang, February 24 (KCNA) -- Russian and Polish organizations posted special write-ups on their Internet homepages on Feb. 15 and 16 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of general secretary Kim Jong Il.

The Young Communist League of Russia and the Rostov-Na-Donu Anti-Bourgeois Front posted articles illustrated with photos on the revolutionary activities of Kim Jong Il.

They praised the dear respected Kim Jong Un for his wise leadership over the work for glorifying the sacred revolutionary life and immortal exploits of Kim Jong Il and the invincibility of Songun Korea.

The Moscow Workers' Union of Russia posted an article titled "On Occasion of Birth Anniversary of Comrade Kim Jong Il, Exploits Performed for Cause of Socialism".

One of the greatest exploits he performed for the cause of socialism was that he protected the destiny of socialism, the article said, adding:

Late in the 20th century, Kim Jong Il formulated the Songun politics as a main political mode and thoroughly applied it to protect the socialism of the DPRK from the imperialist allied forces' general offensive.

He also ushered in a period of surge in the cause of socialism.

The Polish branch of the Korean Friendship Association posted an article saying:

Generalissimo Kim Jong Il devoted everything to the people's happiness.

His Songun politics helped develop the Korean People's Army into an invincible force capable of defending the dignity and sovereignty of the country and its people.

The Songun politics has ensured the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il's wise leadership, the DPRK turned into a nuclear power capable of frustrating all sorts of moves of enemies against it.

He made great contributions to the cause of independence against imperialism and global peace and security.

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