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Congratulations to Kim Jong Un from Brazilian Political Party Leaders
Pyongyang, February 22 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, received a message of greeting from National Chairman of the Central Committee of the Brazilian Communist Party Renato Ravello and its International Secretary Ricardo Alemao Abreu on Feb. 15.

The message said the Brazilian Communist Party pays respects to leader Kim Jong Il on his 71st birth anniversary.

Kim Jong Il, an outstanding revolutionary, devoted his all to building the DPRK into a state with prospering socialist economy, a state reflecting the interests and demand of the popular masses, holding high the banner of the struggle for independence against imperialism all his life, it said.

He continued advancing the Korean revolution started by President Kim Il Sung, reliably defending the socialist gains of the DPRK, it noted.

He, a patriot and internationalist, promoted the cause of the reunification and peace of Korea and friendship and solidarity among peoples, it said.

It paid respects to Kim Jong Il on behalf of the Central Committee of the Brazilian Communist Party and its members.

It expressed belief that the Korean people and the Workers' Party of Korea would follow the example of Kim Jong Il to continue adhering to independence despite the threat and attack of the imperialists and make innovations in building socialism and improving the standard of the Korean people's living.

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