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KCNA Commentary Ridicules Confrontation Maniacs' Hysteric Outbursts
Pyongyang, February 16 (KCNA)-- Lee Myung Bak, traitor for all ages, has gone mad with confrontation fervor as he is close to breathing his last as a politician.

He is free to let loose a spate of rigmaroles as the days go by, much upset by the DPRK's third nuclear test, its resolute step for self-defence taken to cope with the U.S. hostile action.

He held round-table talks of the advisory group on diplomacy and security and a meeting of aged citizens with riff-raffs on Friday at which he again cried out for "system change" in the north, talking about "fundamental interpretation of the nuclear issue in the north."

This is nothing but death-bed frenzy of the traitor destined to meet his end for his crimes. What he uttered only brought to light once again his inveterate disposition and bad habit which can never change before his dead.

It was none other than Lee who openly uttered that it was his "biggest dream and goal" to "achieve unification under liberal democracy" from the very day of his seizure of power and frantically stepped up the moves to "bring down the system" in the north and escalate confrontation with compatriots.

Just as he blustered in the first day of his office that "he was ready to keep the south-north relations frozen till its end," Lee totally negated the ideal common to the nation and its successes and has systematically brought them to naught for the last several years.

He has chilled the nation's desire for reunification which had grown strong thanks to the adoption of the historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration and savagely trampled down even a small sprout of reconciliation, unity and exchange.

Moreover, he made no scruple of seriously doing harm to the dignity of the supreme leadership in the north and perpetrating such state-sponsored hideous terrorism.

The grave situation now prevailing on the Korean Peninsula is attributable to the hostile policy of the U.S. which does not like reconciliation, unity and reunification of the Korean nation and the vicious moves of the Lee group to escalate the confrontation with the DPRK as it is keen to prolong its remaining days.

The DPRK's nuclear test marked another crucial occasion that demonstrated once again before the whole world the politico-ideological might and military and technological capabilities of the heroic Korean people ready to put an end to all challenges of those who negate justice and truth.

Ridiculous, indeed, for rat-like Lee ignorant of how things are going in the world to vociferate about the long-bankrupt "system change", infected with dementia.

The fate of Lee as a politician is inching close to its end.

A Russian expert rightly commented: "When seizing power, Lee Myung Bak and his confidants were of the view that there came a historic opportunity to bring down the DPRK. But there is little time for them to do so. "

He will come to know before long how his fate tainted with crimes will come to an end.

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