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Kimjongilia Recognized as King of Flowers
Pyongyang, February 11 (KCNA) -- The immortal flower, Kimjongilia, has been disseminated in at least 70 countries over the past 25 years thanks to the deep respect and sincere efforts of the world progressive people.

During that period, lots of organizations for disseminating the flower were formed and more than 100 shows held.

Kimjongilia cultivated by Japanese horticulturist Motoderu Kamo in February, Juche 77(1988) caused a great sensation at international horticultural shows after its appearance. The flower was awarded top prizes there, being recognized as the king of flowers.

Motoderu Kamo, when visiting the DPRK, an ideal society for humankind, was completely fascinated by the great personality of leader Kim Jong Il possessed of ardent love for the people. He considered it as his lifetime goal to breed a flower named after him.

The appearance of the flower he imagined before its breeding was as follows:

1. It should look like a spectacular and majestic double flower appropriate to the authority of a peerless great man and kind-hearted statesman.

2. It should have a red color like the sun and an attractive plump shape appropriate to the personality of a hero produced by the century.

3. Its stalk should have a strong and straight dignified shape befitting the staunch spirit of a great leader.

4. Its leaves should look like a green heart appropriate to the personality of a great man.

He devoted his soul and passion to breeding the flower of beautiful Begonia family for over 20 years. In February 1988, he presented the flower to Kim Jong Il on the occasion of his birthday.

As soon as Kimjongilia appeared, it became a world-famous flower.

69 countries and 26 international organizations took part in the 1999 Kunming International Horticultural Expo of China, the biggest- ever flower show in the world, held in May 1999 where flowers of more than 2,400 species were displayed. Grand Prix and diploma, the highest prize, were awarded to Kimjongilia.

The International Society for Horticultural Science officially registered the world-startling Kimjongilia as new species No. 991 belonging to the Begonia family.

Kimjongilia is blooming day by day as the famous flower thanks to warm admiration and love of world progressives.

Newspapers, agencies, radios and TV broadcasting services of more than 100 countries including China, Russia and Cuba made wide coverage of the background against which the flower was bred, its biological character and public reactions to it.

The U.S. Institute for Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism Studies said in its Internet website that Kimjongilia reflects the traits of the peerlessly great man, the representative of human being's beautiful feelings and aspiration like justice and truth, independence and revolution, love and ardor, happiness and prosperity, peace and future.

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