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Kim Jong Il Praised by Foreign Media
Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- Foreign newspapers and websites devoted special write-ups interwoven with portraits of smiling leader Kim Jong Il and his photos between Jan. 25 and 30 on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

The Cambodia paper Kmae Amata carried an article entitled "Kim Jong Il revered by people" which said:

The Korean people celebrate Feb. 16, his birth anniversary, as the greatest national holiday every year. This clearly proves how ardently he is revered by the people.

He realized the centuries-old desire of the people to live in an independent power.

That is why the Korean people offer the warmest thanks to him and regard it as the highest honor and greatest happiness for them to hold him in high esteem as their eternal leader.

The Nepali papers Arpan, the Pakistani paper Baluchistan Times and the website of the Peruvian-Korean Institute of Culture and Friendship dedicated articles captioned "The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il will always be remembered by the people", "Kim Jong Il's patriotism", "Kim Jong Il and snow" and "Footsteps for devotion" to his birth anniversary.

The articles lauded the revolutionary career and the exploits he performed by dedicating himself to the prosperity of the country and the people's happiness all his life.

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