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Vol. 3 of "Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" Off Press
Pyongyang, February 2 (KCNA) -- Vol. 3 of "Complete Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works" was published in the DPRK.

It deals with his works in chronological order.

It contains 108 works such as speeches and talks between May and December Juche 50 (1961).

Among the works are "Let Us Glorify the Cause of Our Party Forever" and "On Effectively Guiding Party Life of Party Members in Conformity with Duty of Party Cell".

These works clarify the principled issues to be held fast to in glorifying the cause of the party and developing it into a revolutionary and militant party.

The book includes "Youth and Students Are Masters Responsible for Future of Science and Technology in Our Country" and "Let Us Learn from Revolutionary Habit of Study of Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Fighters".

Those works clarify tasks and ways to bring about a radical change in the study of the students.

There are also in the book "On Solving the Theoretical Issue of Political Economy on the Basis of Our Party's Policy" and "On Some Experiences in Socialist Economic Construction in Our Country".

These works deal with the issue of thoroughly establishing Juche in scientific researches and successes and experiences gained in socialist construction under the leadership of the Party.

There are such works as those clarifying ways to implement the economic policy of the Party.

Among them are "On Giving Full Play to Advantages of Socialist Planned Economy" and "7-year Plan Is Economic Construction Programme for Stepping Up Socialist Construction".

The book contains such works as those dealing with tasks facing the youth and students and service members to play the role of a shock brigade in the efforts to realize the far-reaching plan of President Kim Il Sung to build Pyongyang into a more magnificent and beautiful city and with the issues of popularizing sports and making it part of one's life to practice sports.

It also contains works which give answers to theoretical and practical issues arising in various fields.

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