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S. Korea, Land of Poor Human Rights Record
Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) -- The human rights situation has reached the lowest ebb during the period of traitor Lee Myung Bak's office.

Since he took power, his group of traitors put south Korea under the tighter control of the U.S. As a result, the U.S. troops have been granted the extraterritorial rights in south Korea. They have committed whole gamut of crimes in a great number at the connivance and under the patronage of the south Korean authorities, thus abusing the rights of south Koreans.

According to the data of "inspection of administration" submitted to the "National Assembly", GIs commit hundreds of crimes of all kinds in south Korea on an annual basis.

The group of traitors imported American beef fraught with the danger of mad cow disease, seriously jeopardizing the health and lives of south Koreans.

It dispatched young- and middle-aged south Koreans to Afghan war and other war sites of the U.S., forcing them to meet deaths.

It massively beefed up the Intelligence Service, prosecution, police, Defense Security Command and other repression machinery. It organized police mobile units such as "white bone group", made a "proposal for strictly checking illegal group's act" and reintroduced the summary trial system and even allowed the use of tear gas, water cannon, electric shocking machine and other suppression gears.

Cases in which repressive institutions were involved numbered more than 3 490 out of over 5 000 human rights abuses that were reported to the south Korean "Human Rights Committee" in the year 2008 alone.

The puppet group made no scruple of committing such human rights abuses as inspection and surveillance of civilians under various pretexts.

Under the pressure of the authorities, the "people's health insurance industrial complex" and internet enterprises supplied power organs with more than 120.13 million sets of information about individuals and at least 1.64 million pieces of data about tendencies of internet subscribers for two years since 2008.

The number of the people under the poverty line totals more than 10 million in south Korea.

South Korea tops the world's suicide record, a clear proof of the poor human rights performance in it, a veritable hell.

The actions of workers that have gained momentum from the beginning of the year show the Lee group's human rights abuses by which it deprived the people of their elementary right to existence and the right to labor and pushed them into unemployment and poverty.

This being a hard fact, the Lee Myung Bak group is kicking up anti-DPRK human rights racket. This is an act reminding one of a thief crying "Stop the Thief!"

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