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Show of Strength Is Needed to Punish Arrogant U.S.
Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) -- The "resolution on sanctions", recently cooked up by the UNSC at the initiative of the United States against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea over its satellite launch, is a wanton violation of the sovereignty and dignity of a sovereign state.

International law should be applied to all countries on an equal footing. However, the U.S. would abuse international law with double-standards, even forcing others to accept its wrong judgment.

Categorically denying the DPRK's legitimate right to satellite launch, the U.S. termed its recent peaceful satellite launch "long-range missile launch" and instigated the UNSC to adopt the "resolution" aimed at stifling the DPRK.

This is a never-to-be-condoned arbitrary act.

The U.S. is, in fact, a rogue state as it wantonly violated the international political order. This time the U.S. made the UNSC its puppet with the brigandish logic that any country which it antagonizes should not be allowed to launch a satellite or conduct a nuclear test though it can do so at will.

It is the American logic that only the U.S. can judge what is right or wrong and do anything as it pleases and other countries should be obedient to its will. Such logic can never work on the DPRK.

The army and people of the DPRK have turned out in an all-out action to protect the sovereignty of the country and nation, enraged at the U.S. and its followers seeking to infringe on its dignity.

Show of military force, not words, is needed to settle accounts with the U.S. This is the steadfast will and decision of the DPRK.

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