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Minju Joson Denounces Traitor Lee Myung Bak for Inciting Confrontation with DPRK
Pyongyang, January 30 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak of south Korea convened a "central combined meeting for defense" on Jan. 24 in which he said that "what the DPRK does is far from common sense", and called for "making full preparations" for "deterring provocation".

Minju Joson Wednesday says in a bylined commentary in this regard:

This goes to clearly prove how much the group of traitors has been upset by the development going against its will.

It is impudent for the group, which committed treacherous acts beyond human imagination, to pull up the DPRK.

The countermeasures taken by the DPRK as regards the UN "resolution" are neither a "provocation" nor an "extreme reaction" as they are aimed to defend the sovereignty of the country and the nation.

In fact, fair world media have reported about the just countermeasures taken by the DPRK almost every day and carried what experts of different countries said laying bare the injustice of the UN "resolution".

Question is if the group thought it can make the DPRK hold up its hands in surrender after the adoption of the UN "resolution". No "sanctions" will work on the people of the DPRK as they regard the sovereignty of the country and the nation dearer than their own lives.

However desperately the group may try, being seized by extreme fear, it will get it nowhere.

The group is well advised to repent of treacherous and anti-reunification crimes it committed during its office and get ready to go to its last home, far from calling for "making full preparations" for "deterring provocation".

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