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KCNA Commentary Refutes Paid Media's False Story
Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- Hostile forces and paid media are working hard to find a way-out in smear campaign against the DPRK.

Taking the lead in it is south Korea's paid media.

The ultra-right conservative media of south Korea is even floating a fictitious story to tarnish the ever-more growing dignity and authority of the supreme headquarters of the DPRK.

We see this as the ignorance of the situation of the DPRK in which the army and the people have formed a harmonious whole with the leader, and a sordid hackwork of rubbish media which has thrown away the elementary appearance of journalism.

The sun will always give off its light even though rats make nonsensical remarks moving around ditch, while finding it hard to raise their heads to the bright human world.

It is true that the sun always shines and it is a foolish and ridiculous thing, at the same time, to attempt to eclipse the sunshine with a palm.

Stories of great personality of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and the news of his revolutionary activities are being distributed worldwide, drawing great attention of the people.

Even journalists of hostile country who went round several places of the DPRK reported the situation of the DPRK in an objective and impartial way. They said that assumptions about the DPRK seemed like a false story.

Only a handful of hostile forces doggedly turn away from the stark fact and try to distort the truth as they regard the DPRK as a thorn in the flesh.

The vituperation made by hostile forces only reflects the fear and uneasiness of those who were much upset by the international dignity of the supreme headquarters of the DPRK and its single-minded unity.

They even cooked up the story of "suspicion of operation" something unimaginable. This shows that they were overwhelmed and stunned by the sunny image of the great man of Mt. Paektu.

The false report about the supreme headquarters of the DPRK released by the enemies is a hideous criminal act which the party, state, army and people can never tolerate as it is the most serious challenge to the dignity of the supreme leadership of the nation.

Our army and people have already served a stern warning against this in the name of all Koreans. Those hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the nation should not expect any mercy or leniency.

Time will clearly show what dear price the human scum and media in the service of traitors of south Korea, slaves of capital, will have to pay.

It is extremely regretful that media of neighboring countries are playing into the hands of waiting maids for politicians.

Objectivity, impartiality and accuracy are what keep media alive. They can earn trust of the international community only when they depend on truth. They can make a genuine contribution to the development of relations among countries and the development of human civilization only when they do so.

Some media of China should draw a serious lesson from the fact that in November last year they echoed the false propaganda of forces hostile to the DPRK only to suffer international shame and they got accusation even at home that "they are deceived as they are cheating people."

They are obliged to feel ashamed and repentant for playing the role of a guide to spreading anti-DPRK misinformation in breach of objectivity, impartiality and accuracy though they should perform their mission and role as a leader and organizer of genuine public opinion.

Our army and people will advance more dynamically along the road of independence, Songun and socialism under the leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

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