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New Year Address Studied by Political Figures of Different Countries
Pyongyang, January 17 (KCNA) -- Reading sessions on the dear respected Kim Jong Un's New Year Address were held by the Workers' Party of Mexico, the Romanian Socialist Union and the United Left Movement of Dominica on January 5 and 9.

Alberto Anaya Gutierrez, national leader of the Workers' Party of Mexico, said he deemed it a great honor to hold a reading session on Kim Jong Un's New Year Address as the first political event of the party in 2013. He went on:

Kim Jong Un reviewed epoch-making miracles and changes made by the party, army and people of the DPRK last year by turning sorrow over the sudden passing of leader Kim Jong Il into strength and courage. He put forward this year's tasks for dynamically advancing the building of a thriving nation and the cause of national reunification and developing foreign relations.

The DPRK is a country strong in independence in which all people are firmly rallied behind the party and leader with a single mind and a power which has bolstered up its defence capability in every way by enforcing the great Songun politics.

The Workers' Party of Mexico is rejoiced over the great successes registered by the DPRK last year in the efforts to build a socialist thriving nation and achieve independent national reunification under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un and sincerely hail them.

The Workers' Party of Mexico will always stand by the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK.

Constantin Rotaru, chairman of the Romanian Socialist Union, and Jose Miguel Mejia, secretary general of the United Left Movement of Dominica, said the cause of independence, the cause of Songun pioneered and led by President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il is being successfully carried forward by Kim Jong Un.

They expressed full support to the tasks and ways for building a thriving nation and achieving national reunification indicated by him in his New Year Address.

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