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KCNA Commentary Accuses S. Korean "Saenuri Party" of Its Moves to Fabricate "Law on Human Rights in North"
Pyongyang, January 14 (KCNA) -- The south Korean "Saenuri Party" clan is stepping up its moves to fake up the "law on human rights in the north" from the outset of the year.

A spokesman for the party shortly ago complained that its proposed law has not been instituted and put pressure upon opposition parties to adopt the law, urging "them to change their attitude" and asking them for "landmark cooperation."

The party is making last-ditch efforts to muscle the law through the "National Assembly", asserting that it is necessary to "form a negotiating team" to deal with the law.

This is another grave provocation to the DPRK as his remarks hurt its dignified system.

There has never been and can never exist the enemy-touted "human rights issue" in the DPRK under popular masses-centered socialism.

All the people enjoy genuine freedom and exercise their rights as the masters of the state and society as the independent rights and creative activities of human beings are guaranteed institutionally.

South Koreans admired the true picture of the DPRK where human rights are fully respected and guaranteed.

As far as human rights are concerned, the poor human rights performance in south Korea should be called into question, to begin with. South Korea under the misrule and dictatorship has turned into a land where people's living is driven into utter destitution and suicide rate tops the world's list and a tundra of human rights. This is fully evidenced by the massive actions staged by workers for vital rights in different parts of south Korea from the outset of the year and ceaseless suicides committed by people in despair.

It is the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors which strengthened the enforcement of the "Security Law", an evil law against human rights, which had been put on the verge of scrapping by the strong trend of the June 15 era of reunification.

Due to the SL which the U.S. is compelled to include in its "annul report on human rights" every year, maltreatment within the puppet army and other legal and institutional devices aimed at suppressing human rights, south Korea is suffering from the chronic disease of human rights.

It is nonsensical for such human scum as the Lee group to talk about human rights though it is more dead than alive, forsaken by the public for hideous human rights abuses.

The above-said moves of "the Saenuri Party" clan are aimed to do harm to the socialist system in the dignified DPRK and realize the ambition for "unification of social systems". Herein lies the heinous and provocative nature of the moves.

The keynote of the controversial law is to institutionally codify the confrontation of social systems between the north and the south such as scattering of anti-DPRK leaflets and support to ultra-right conservative organizations. That is why various public circles of south Korea are condemning the law as "one which sparks only confrontation and discord as it suppresses human rights" and as "the second Security Law".

The reckless moves of the "Saenuri Party" clan are a vicious challenge to the desire of fellow countrymen for the removal of confrontation between the north and the south and peace and reunification.

If such moves are allowed, they will entail very grave consequences.

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