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Kim Jong Un Praised by Foreign Papers
Pyongyang, January 13 (KCNA) -- Foreign papers carried articles praising the personality of the dear respected Kim Jong Un as a great man illustrated with photos documenting his revolutionary activities.

The Russian paper Our Home Sochi carried an article "The youngest leader in the world" on Dec. 27 last year which said:

The world people admire Kim Jong Un for his humble and kind-heartedness, humanity, meticulous and benevolent care and dignified and friendly character.

He carried forward the idea of President Kim Il Sung and general secretary Kim Jong Il that believes in the people as in Heaven and put their interests above all in leading the country.

He is not only well versed in modern science and technology but also all fabrics of social life including economic development and its trend, literature and arts.

He has drawn the world attention as an outstanding supreme commander.

It is very natural that there are increasing world voices admiring his excellent caliber and perfect personality as a contemporary statesman and strategist.

His speech at the parade in the celebration of the centenary of birth of the President struck the world with admiration.

About twelve thousand media outlets around the world said a rosy future is ahead of the DPRK, reporting his speech every day.

The Cambodia paper Kmae Amata on Jan. 7 said in an article "The great leader of mother party" that the Workers' Party of Korea would always emerge victorious as a mother party amid the absolute support and trust from the popular masses under the guidance of the First Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The Bangladeshi paper Natun Bangla on Jan. 7 carried an article praising him.

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