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Kim Jong Un's Revolutionary Activities Introduced by Foreign Media
Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) -- Foreign media reported about the revolutionary activities of the dear respected Kim Jong Un from Dec. 30 last year to Jan. 2 this year.

The Chinese News Service said:

Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the DPRK, had a photo session with the scientists, technicians, workers and officials who made a contribution to the successful launch of satellite Kwangmyongsong 3-2.

He highly praised them once again for successfully implementing the behests of leader Kim Jong Il and fully demonstrating the national power of the DPRK.

He expressed the expectation and belief that they would develop and launch varieties of working satellites and carrier rockets of greater performance in the same spirit and stamina as were displayed in the launch of above-mentioned satellite, thus glorifying the country.

The news service said that the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea arranged a grand banquet again for them.

Similar news was reported by such Chinese Internet homepages as Xinhua, Huan Qiu and News networks and Phoenix Satellite TV Holdings LTD. of Hong Kong, China, and ITAR-TASS.

Meanwhile, the above-said internet homepages, ITAR-TASS and the Nepalese Sakirmata TV conveyed the news that he together with his wife visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on the New Year's Day to pay high tribute to the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

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