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Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Demise Marked by Foreign Papers
Pyongyang, December 23 (KCNA) -- Foreign papers carried special write-ups on the first anniversary of demise of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

The Russian paper Veteran No. 47 carried an article titled "On the occasion of the first anniversary of demise of Kim Jong Il, leader of the DPRK", illustrated with his photo.

The article said:

Kim Jong Il published "Abuses of Socialism Are Intolerable", "Socialism Is a Science" and other works after the collapse of socialism in Eastern European countries, scientifically proving the advantages and vitality of socialism.

The DPRK has become a satellite manufacturer and launcher and full-fledged nuclear weapons state thanks to his energetic leadership.

He opened prospect of Korea's reunification.

The historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration were adopted between the north and the south thanks to him.

The Guinean paper Horoya on Dec. 14 edited an article praising his feats performed for the party building and Songun leadership, illustrated with his photo.

It is quite natural that the Korean people are holding him in high esteem as eternal general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and their great father, the paper said, stressing that his august name will shine forever.

The Zimbabwean paper Herald on Dec. 13 carried an article titled "Leader Kim Jong Il who enjoyed absolute support of people".

The article said that there are many statesmen in the world but there is no such leader as him who enjoyed absolute support and trust of the people.

He was the charismatic statesman with rare attraction, personality, outstanding ideas and theories and leadership ability, it noted, adding his politics was based on love and trust.

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