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Kim Jong Il, Peerlessly Great Man (12)
Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il was the peerlessly brilliant Songun commander with unparalleled pluck and mental power.

Praising him as a man of faith, President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime would say that such leader with strong faith as Kim Jong Il could be hardly found in the world arena of politics.

Kim Jong Il had long regarded the Songun (military-first) idea as his philosophical faith and immovable political creed.

After the demise of Kim Il Sung, he showed his will to continue the revolutionary cause of Juche, pioneered by the President, defend socialism and build a thriving nation with the Songun politics by firing bullets at a shooting range on the suburbs of Pyongyang on Dec. 31, 1994. Some hours later, he visited the then Kumsusan Memorial Palace to pay high tribute to Kim Il Sung and set out on an inspection tour of the Dwarf Pine Post of the Korean People's Army.

It was a vivid expression of his steadfast faith and will to surely accomplish the Juche cause by dint of arms. This faith led to overall establishment of the mode of Songun politics, unprecedented in the world history of politics.

Many difficulties were standing in the way of pursuing the Songun politics, but there was no vacillation in his faith in the politics. One day when he had to decide on the matter related to investment of big fund for the implementation of the economic construction in the era of Songun, he said that the people would understand later why this choice could not but be taken though they were undergoing hardships in life.

This bold decision resulted in a large number of admiral events in the country, including the liftoff of satellite Kwangmyongsong-1.

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