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Spokesman for Southwestern Front Command of KPA Warns of Second Yonphyong Island Shelling
Pyongyang, November 21 (KCNA) -- The south Korean military authorities are planning to stage another farce for confrontation in the area of Yonphyong Island.

It was reported that they are going to hold such odd charades as a "memorial service", "commemoration", unveiling ceremony of "cenotaph" and opening ceremony of "victorious battle memorial" on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Yonphyong Island incident.

The Yonphyong Island shelling incident in which the island was engulfed in flames was the result of a just retaliatory shelling which showed the whole world what a dear price the south Korean warmongers paid for their preemptive shelling at the north.

The south Korean puppet military authorities have so far consoled the provokers who met a miserable end by staging "a memorial service" behind the scene, badly beaten while running wild like a puppy knowing no fear of a tiger.

But, the chief executive of south Korea appeared on the Yonphyong Island in October last all of a sudden, brazen-facedly crying out for "reexamining the Yonphyong Island shelling incident". In the wake of this development, the "Ministry of Defense" and the "Joint Chiefs of Staff" began painting the defeated battle on the island as "a victorious one."

It was known later, the "commemoration of the incident" which had been held quietly by the marine corps of south Korea would be held as a "government-sponsored event for commemorating the victorious battle" under the co-sponsorship of the ministry and the Patriots and Veterans Affairs Agency of the "government".

In this regard, a spokesman for the southwestern front command of the Korean People's Army on Wednesday gave the following answer to the question put by a reporter of the newspaper Josoninmingun (Korean People's Army):

The service personnel of the southwestern front command who value an action more than a hundred of words feel highly proud of the action taken to deal just counter-blows at the warmongers two years back known as the deadly counter-shelling at the Yonpyong Island.

Great irony is that the warmongers, who had eagerly asked for "a stop to shelling," extremely taken aback by the merciless counteraction of the KPA at that time, are foolishly talking about "victorious battle" and "commemoration".

World history knows no precedent of commemorating a defeated battle.

The projected ridiculous farce only invites derision and censure from people.

What matters is why they stage such confrontation farce on Yonphyong Island, painting the defeated battle as "a victorious one", lost to shame.

Their scenario is to spark off a new war in the area.

The "commemoration" projected by them, trumpeting about "victorious battle", far from drawing a lesson from their defeat in the battle, would only harden the resolution of the service personnel of the southwestern front command to retaliate against them.

Frankly speaking, the service personnel of the southwestern front command deeply regret for failing to send the whole of the Yonphyong Island to the bottom of the sea as the south Korean warmongers used islanders as a human shield.

It is the steadfast will of the service personnel not to miss the opportunity to do so if the warmongers perpetrate another provocation.

The commemoration of the so-called victorious battle on Yonphyong Island will lead to the second Yonphyong Island disaster as long as the KPA is standing firm guard over the socialist homeland.

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