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"Defectors from North" Interviewed after Return to DPRK
Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) -- Kim Kwang Hyok and his wife were interviewed by local and foreign reporters at the People's Palace of Culture here Thursday. They had defected to south Korea being taken in by the south Korean puppet forces' smear campaign and appeasement. But they came back to the DPRK after feeling disillusion with south Korea.

Attending the press conference were journalists in the DPRK and those of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan as well as foreign journalists.

Kim Kwang Hyok said how he illegally crossed the border in March 2008 for money and how he had been taken to south Korea after being lured by brokers and agents of the intelligence agency of south Korea.

His wife Ko Jong Nam also explained that she was taken to south Korea in September 2008 after being tempted by broker called An Ho Gun who, bearing a grudge against the social system in the DPRK, lured northerners to illegally cross the border.

She said that the south Korean puppet forces distributed their stooges in different parts of the world and use them for luring the citizens of the DPRK and carrying them to south Korea in a planned way.

Kim and Ko answered the questions raised by reporters.

Ko said that south Korea is a deceptive and corrupt society.

Kim talked about what he experienced to prove that "defectors from the north" can not find foothold in south Korea and they are snubbed and disdained everywhere they went. Kind human feelings could not be found in anywhere in unjust and unequal south Korean society, he added.

He said he cursed him and regretted again and again for coming to the south being obsessed by illusion.

Ko Jong Nam said that she hardened her pledge to come back to the north after she gave a birth to her son.

Children of the "defectors from the north" are being left out in the cold in the south, so, they are reluctant even to go outside, it being a common occurrence that they are beaten at schools.

Some hopeless children burn coal and wait for their deaths, finding it too painful to live, exposed to contempt.

She was afraid of her son becoming like them.

While making preparations to go back to the north, they learned about the situation in the homeland.

One day they saw a video showing the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un providing field guidance to Kyongsang Kindergarten.

The Marshal with a bright smile on his face had a photo taken with children at just their son's age.

Ko said she and her husband cried looking up to the Marshal who was so affectionate to children.

Her husband said the Marshal reminded him of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il who loved children so much in their lifetime, Ko added.

She continued:

They repeatedly saw the video and renewed their determination to come to the care of the Marshal.

But they suffered from uneasiness and fear as for the treatment they will receive upon their return.

But the news of press conference of Pak Jong Sun who went back to the DPRK hardened their minds to return to the homeland.

So they finally left south Korea with an excuse of visiting China and could come to the homeland.

They met with their parents and brothers and sisters whom they wanted to see even in dreams and received flats big enough to live with their parents.

Everything seems like a dream.

Kim said they had done nothing good for the country but committed only wrongdoings.

But the homeland was so generous as to accept them who committed so many crimes, Kim added.

It is a motherland that takes care of the destiny and future of his families and a benevolent embrace of Kim Jong Un, Kim said, extending the greatest thanks to Kim Jong Un, incarnation of benevolence.

He evinced his pledge to remain loyal to Kim Jong Un, benefactor of his family and kind-hearted father of big socialist family, and to contribute to building a thriving nation.

Ko also said that she would like to tell those who were taken to the south being taken in by the south Korean puppet forces to come to their senses and break with cursed south Korean society and come back to the DPRK without hesitation, adding that this is the only way of finding dignity and genuine life.

The homeland leniently pardons and warmly treats those who come back to the DPRK, sincerely repentant of their crimes, she stressed.

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