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Kyodo News Delegation Visits Different Places
Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) -- A delegation of the Kyodo News of Japan led by President Satoshi Ishikawa visited the Pyongyang Folk Park on Friday.

The guests went round different parts of the park, which was built thanks to the noble intention and patriotic devotion of General Secretary Kim Jong Il and the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

They were deeply impressed to learn that working people and youth and students acquire wide knowledge and have cultural and emotional rest at the park which comprehensively deals with the history of the Korean nation spanning 5,000 years and which was built in such a way as to meet the principle of historicism and cater to the contemporary aesthetic taste.

At the end of the visit the head of the delegation said that the visit to the park offered an opportunity to know well about the history of the Korean nation.

They also visited the Party Founding Memorial Tower.

Watching the tower depicting a hammer, sickle and writing brush and stylobate and others, they learned about the greatness of the peerlessly great men who developed the Workers' Party of Korea into a powerful guiding force of Songun revolution and an experienced and dignified mother party.

They toured the Tower of the Juche Idea, the National Gifts Exhibition House, etc.

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